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Nine Reasons to switch to Virtual Bookkeeping

A better way to do your bookkeeping

For a small-to- medium business, bookkeeping is a grudge chore. It has to be done, but it diverts resources away from your true focus – providing the products or services that keep the business alive.

If you do the bookkeeping yourself, your time could be better spent generating new business or looking after customers. And if you have a part or full-time accounts person on your staff, your bookkeeping is probably costing you more than it should.

Virtual Bookkeeping is a new service from BW Miller Dean in Wellington. It provides you with an experienced bookkeeper who will take care of routine financial tasks – payroll, invoicing, payments, GST, FBT and reporting – for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

You won’t need to allocate office space to your virtual bookkeeper, because she or he works from BW Miller Dean’s offices. All the piles of paper that accumulate in your ‘accounts’ pile will be diverted (electronically or by mail) to your virtual bookkeeper.

After initial set up and handover meetings, most of your communication with your bookkeeper can be handled by email or phone.

Case study: O’Hagan McCook Weir Consulting Limited

A small social enterprise working in the mental health sector, O’Hagan McCook Weir helps people to change their lives for the better. But for Sara McCook Weir, the routine financial tasks associated with running the business were a distraction and a worry.

“I’m not an accountant and I’m not a money person, but we had a business to run so I had to deal with the bookkeeping. It was very ad hoc. We started on MYOB, but I found it too complicated and our accounting firm were very hands off. We wanted someone to work with us who would feel a bit more like family”, says Sara.

Sara switched to Virtual Bookkeeping and Nicole Tra became her virtual bookkeeper, taking over all the accounts admin tasks for the business.

“It’s really improved my ability to run the business. Now our books are always up to date and we know what our money is doing. We can focus on consultancy, training and projects because Nicole is taking care of the financials.”